Youth in Action (YiA) was a six-year learning and livelihood program. In partnership with Mastercard Foundation, the program improved the socio-economic status of over 40,000 out-of-school young people, both girls and boys, aged 12-18 in Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda. YiA invested in building and enhancing rural young people’s foundational and life skills, social assets and knowledge. The program built key partnerships to address barriers to young people’s participations, including access to local markets and gender-based barriers.

How it Works

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Youth aged 12-18, who are out-of-school and living in a rural community are selected to join the program. They go on a journey to build and enhance their foundational skills, social assets and knowledge through the learning phase, then take action in livelihoods opportunities facilitated through the action phase. Building key partnerships and ensuring youth participation are key to addressing the barriers to their economies and in their communities, such as gender barriers. To achieve this, YiA’s holistic approach is built on three core pillars: Youth Learn, Youth Act and Youth Connect, with Participation and Partnerships cross-cutting these pillars. 

Where we Work