Burkina Faso

According to the Youth in Action market assessment study, the agricultural sector in Burkina Faso is considered the country’s most important industry, contributing to 40 % of the nation’s GDP and engaging 86 % of the active workforce . However, agricultural production is largely un-mechanized, rain-fed, and carried out by subsistence farmers. Agricultural producers in the Youth in Action program areas estimate that 5,232 entry-level positions will be added over the next five years, but many more youth are without jobs.The country’s industrial sector is under-developed, and offers young people- both boys and girls- even fewer opportunities for employment. While lack of access to land and capital make self-employment challenging; with support and training, entrepreneurial youth can create their own enterprises by growing sustainable crops and raising in-demand farm animals.



  • 47% of the population is under 15 and 60% under 20 years of age, 65.4% among them are unemployed.
  • While 74% of the youth population lives in rural areas. 65.4% of those unemployed in Burkina Faso are less than 24 years of age
  • 86% of the workforce in Burkina Faso is engaged in agriculture. 65% of youth in Burkina Faso have no access to land for farming.


Youth in Action’s plan is to reach 4,500 girls and boys in the rural communities of Mouhoun, Cascades, and Hauts Basins, in the western region of the country. As of March 2016, 2,161 youth have benefited from the program, including 927 girls and 1,234 boys. 1,332 among them chose their pathways.


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