Why work in Egypt with rural out-of-school youth?

Egypt is home to a young population – over half of Egyptians are under 24 and more than half of these youth live in poverty. Many of these youth live in rural areas. Overall, 70% of Egypt’s population is rural. Rural youth in Egypt and around the world have aspirations and dreams of who they want to be in the future and within their communities. Out-of-school rural youth in Egypt have strong potential and many seek to work in the agricultural sector. However, coupled with limited socio-economic opportunities, many out-of-school rural youth also lack access to opportunities to build the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes as well as financial services that could support them to realize their dreams and to be agents of change.


  •  50% of youth are able to read with comprehension after Yia compared to 10% before YiA
  • 77% of youth own a business after YiA compared to 4% before YiA
  •  85% female youth work after YiA compared to 13% before YiA
  • 70% of youth save aftter YiA compared to 35% before YiA


In Egypt, YiA reached over 8600 youth (54% females) in two age groups (12-14 & 15-18), in rural communities of Assiut in Upper Egypt and Al Sharqia, in the Delta region.

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