Egypt is home to a population of 94.7 million, the most populous country in the Middle East and the third-most populous on the African continent. About 95% of the population live along the banks of the Nile and in the Nile Delta, with 57% living in rural areas. The Egyptian population is one of the most youthful populations in the world.

Youth in Action was launched in the rural communities of Asyut, in Upper Egypt and Al Sharqia in the Delta region in 2014. The program has been adapted to work with two age groups (12-14 & 15-18). In Egypt, the focus on the pathway choices differs according to the age group. The younger age group (12-14) can choose to return to school or start a micro-enterprise, with support from the family, while the older age group (15-18) can choose to start a micro-enterprise or to go into a three-month apprenticeship/vocational training program. Also, each participant receives a small cash grant to support their choice, as well as peer-to- peer and community-based mentorship.


  • 50.6% of youth under 30 are unemployed.
  • 57% of Egypt’s youth reside in rural areas.
  • 55% of Egypt’s population support themselves through agriculture.


Youth in Action aims to reach 8,200 girls and boys. As of December 2016, 4,023 youth graduated from the full program, 50% of them are girls and 92% have established their own enterprise, while the rest received apprenticeship/vocational training or went back to formal education.

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